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We are confident our website offers the solution for both great credit borrowers and those with challenged credit. Our portfolio of origination solutions includes the full line of conventional mortgage programs, jumbo and super jumbo products, manufactured home financing, and so much more!

Plus, our mortgage originators are authorized to originate the FHA Loan products. Why use us? We cannot put enough emphasis on the benefit of doing business with our team of mortgage professionals. We have Loan Originators who are experts in the mortgage industry and know exactly what it takes to get home loans closed. For instance, this website is designed around the many mortgage products that our most talented Loan Originators specialize in. If you have challenged credit, you NEED a specialist! If you have good credit, you WANT an expert loan originator!

So, what is an FHA Loan? An FHA loan is nothing more than a Conventional Loan insured by HUD. The benefit to you, the home buyer, is lower down payments, and the fact credit qualifying does not consider credit scores -- FHA loans consider credit quality only. This, coupled with showing the underwriter the right compensating factors, allows great flexibility in the underwriting decision to get loans approved.

Compensating Factors? These are basically all the positive reasons an underwriter should approved your loan.

We say with confidence and experience that if the loan makes sense based upon your income, your property type, and your credit quality, you are a qualified home buyer!

How can we say this? We've seen first-hand how strong originators have closed loans for clients with 30 year fixed rate loans at 5.5% to 6.5% -- and these rates were for borrowers with credit scores ranging from 530 to 550. What were the keys to success?

Simple -- putting together loan packages that give underwriters every reason to approve a loan. Tough loans and sometimes "easy loans" could not be done had the originators not been competent, clients not followed instructions, or had the loans not made sense.

In addition, down payment assistance and seller concessions are allowed. In fact, by utilizing both options, you can do a "No Money Down" FHA mortgage loan. Just ask some of our originators!

Many lenders make up their own rules based on the types of loans they want to service. Our site works hard to ensure that our originators give underwriting heavy weight to HUD guidelines.

These guidelines were designed to help those who have the ability to pay, but lacked the "picture" one might normally want in a conventional mortgage loan, all in order to achieve an opportunity at home ownership with conventional mortgage interest rates.

Did you know:

According to Fannie Mae, 50% of sub-prime borrowers could have qualified for lower-cost, conventional Mortgage Loan financing, saving them each an average of $200,000 over the life of a 30-year loan.

Source: 08/13/2003 MMag 308_034

Many people who lost their homes due to sub-prime loans made poor choices in who they did business with! The novice mortgage loan officer fails to understand the importance of presentation and will "slap" a package together, submit it, and call it a day.

Even worse are mortgage brokers who can't originate an FHA home loan and relegate YOU, unnecessarily, to the declined loan status.

Just as bad, are LENDERS who "quietly" cut clients off based on CREDIT SCORES, destroying dreams and undermining hope.

If you have great credit, you've maybe had credit issues in the past, or find yourself being quoted higher than market rates via the conventional loan route, we encourage you to speak with one of our professional loan originators!

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