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Real Estate Loan Programs

Providing a broad range of FHA, Conventional, Jumbo Mortgage & Second Mortgage Programs.

As a Licensed Mortgage Lender, we provide our clients with a diverse portfolio of real estate loan products to choose from. We are a HUD approved lender and originate the FHA home loan which provides both homeowners and home buyers with flexible interest rates and repayment terms when financing owner-occupied residential real estate. Beyond the FHA loan program, we offer a wide selection of traditional mortgage loan options, jumbo mortgage products & 2nd mortgage programs which help many home buyers and existing homeowners achieve their goal of a quality and affordable real estate loan. Browse our diverse selection of real estate mortgage programs below to learn how we can help you today.

FHA Loan

FHA Loan - The FHA mortgage is not just for first time buyers. Government insured, the FHA loan provides more flexible underwriting for qualifying, higher debt ratio's and low interest rates. The downpayment requirements when purchasing a home are a low 3.5% which is typically much lower than conventional loan products. The FHA home loan product includes: The FHA home buyer loan, Streamline Refinance Loan, traditional Rate & Term refinancing, cash-out refinance loans, and the FHA 203K loan for property rehabilitation & home improvements in addition to a chapter 13 bankruptcy buyout program. Learn more about the FHA Home Loan.

Conventional Mortgage Programs

Mortgage Loan - Geared for borrowers with good to outstanding credit, conventional real estate loan products offer standard home buyer mortgage programs with downpayment's of 5% to 20%, interest only payment options, adjustable rate mortgage products & balloon mortgage options. Learn more about our conventional mortgage loan programs.

Mortgage Refinance Programs

Mortgage Refinance - If you're a homeowner, our refinancing programs for owner occupied properties and second homes can provide real solutions for borrowers with good to excellent credit. Your financing choices include rate & term or cash-out loans using ARM products, Interest only products or a fixed rate loan. Learn more about our mortgage refinance programs.

Mobile Home Loans

Mobile Home Loans - Yes, you can attain quality financing and a low interest rate on a manufactured home. We offer real financing solutions for home buyers and homeowner financing a manufactured home tied to real estate. If purchasing, our home buyer loans include downpayment's as low as 3.5%. When refinancing we offer both rate & term and cash-out solutions using fixed rate and ARM products. Learn more about our mobile home loan programs.

Jumbo & Super Jumbo Mortgage Programs

Jumbo Mortgage - Our jumbo and super jumbo real estate loan products are designed for well qualified home buyers and homeowners. Our luxury home products require excellent credit and documented income. The jumbo mortgage line includes fixed rate loans, ARM products, Interest only options, construction perm, and diverse balloon mortgage choices for both purchase and refinance. Learn more about our jumbo mortgage programs.

Reverse Mortgage Programs

Reverse Mortgage - The reverse home loan is designed for seniors 62 years or older who want to take advantage of the equity in their home. Options include the HUD backed reverse mortgage and the conventional home keeper program. We have a comprehensive reverse mortgage FAQ you can refer to for many answers on how a reverse mortgage works. Learn more about our reverse mortgage program.

100% Financing

100% Financing Program - Yes! Home buyers can now get 100% financing to purchase a qualified home using the USDA home loan. Designed for the purchase of rural real estate, many harder hit sub-divisions are now being classified as "rural" by the USDA in order to expand the number of prospective home buyer who are eligible to purchase a home with no money down! Learn about the USDA home loan program!

Construction Loan Programs

Construction Perm - For home buyers thinking about building a custom home, we offer a diverse range of funding options that can put you in control of the building process. Financing options include a single close and two step closing in addition to fixed, ARM and interest only financing solutions. Learn more about our construction perm loan programs.

Home Equity Lines

Home Equity Lines - If you're a homeowner with a great low fixed rate, refinancing your existing mortgage in order to tap the equity in your home may not be the best choice for your situation. For these circumstances, we offer both fixed rate and variable rate home equity loans and lines of credit. Learn more about our home equity loan products.

Hard Money Lending

Hard Money Loans - In a depressed real estate market, sometimes the only choice a homeowner has for tapping equity or saving a home is a hard money loan program. Our hard money product offering allows the financing of up to 60%, and in some instance 65%, total LTV. Both investment and owner occupied properties are eligible. In most instances, no income documentation, and minimal financial documentation is required to qualify for this type of loan product. Learn more about our hard money loan programs.

Second Mortgage Loans

Second Mortgage Loans - A more traditional solution to tapping equity in your home, a 2nd mortgage loan program can provide homeowners with the option to consolidate debt and payoff creditors or simply take cash-out using the existing equity. Depending upon your state, your local real estate market, and product availability, in some instances homeowners can attain up to 125% TLTV of the property value. Both a fixed, or variable interest rate option is available. Learn more about our second mortgage programs.

FHA Loan

VA Mortgage - The VA mortgage program is designed to assist eligible veterans and active duty military personnel to achieve affordable home ownership. This program offers eligible VA home buyers the opportunity to finance 100% of a homes purchase price. In addition, the VA loan program offers low interest rates and diverse financing terms. Current VA eligible homeowners can take advantage of rate improvements, change repayment terms, or cash-out equity in their home by taking advantage of the VA refinance loan programs. VA loans offer both fixed rate and adjustable rate interest options.

Mortgage Calculators

Mortgage Calculators - To help our visitors make better choices when it comes to financing real estate, we've put together a collection of 32 different mortgage calculators. Some our most beneficial calculators include:

Our suite of comprehensive mortgage calculators is sure to have a tool you can use to help you make good financial decisions when considering any real estate loan program. See more of our mortgage calculators.

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