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Jumbo Mortgage

Providing expanded mortgage products using both the jumbo and super jumbo mortgage loan programs.

Jumbo & Super Jumbo Mortgage Programs
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The super jumbo & jumbo mortgage programs are designed specifically for affluent homeowners and home buyers who enjoy the luxury that a high-value, quality-built home represents. If you're looking for a jumbo mortgage program, this means that the home you've selected has financing requirements which exceed normal conventional loan amounts offered in the traditional mortgage market.

For affluent home buyers who require financing using a jumbo mortgage or super jumbo loan, competitive and comprehensive financing solutions must offer great value, very competitive rates, lending expertise, and flexible payment choices! Whether you're in Texas, California, Colorado, North Carolina, or any state we service, we offer a diverse range of jumbo mortgage and super jumbo loan programs that are geared for all financially secure professionals who want not just any house, but a luxury home that represents their success, tastes, and lifestyle. Learn more about your jumbo mortgage financing options by completing our quick quote form.

Program options for the jumbo mortgage and super jumbo loan include:

  • Traditional Terms - 30, 20, and 15 Year Fixed Rate Notes;
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgage - 3/1, 5/1, 7/1, and 10/1;
  • Refinance Loan Terms; and,
  • Interest Only Options

Financing a mortgage amount in excess of conventional loan limits does not mean you need to be saddled with paying a ultra high rate of interest. Our jumbo mortgage originators work hard to keep your rate of interest low. However, due to the nature of the super jumbo loan and the jumbo mortgage product, real estate market risks mean rates can be slightly higher than the conventional Fannie Mae conforming loans.

On the average, interest rates of jumbo mortgages are typically only about ⅛ or ¼ of a percentage point higher than the traditional conventional mortgage loan programs. For example, if a traditional 30 year fixed rate loan has an interest rate of 6%, a jumbo or super jumbo mortgage rate of interest will typically be right around 6.125% or 6.25% -- not bad when you factor in the added risk a lender assumes. The secondary market can play a large role in the actual rate of interest, based upon the ROI required for investors to purchase these types of mortgage backed securities.

It's important to understand that there are no expansive regulations in place regarding the rate of interest for a jumbo mortgage! The lender and the secondary market requirements are based upon economic risk, which is really what defines the jumbo mortgage interest rates available on any given day. Our originators will work VERY hard to get you the best rate and terms that meet your jumbo mortgage financing objectives.

If you are a homeowner or home buyer in need of a jumbo mortgage solution, you've found a lender that offers very competitive interest rates and expanded program financing options comparable to many of the conventional conforming loan programs. Do keep in mind, the super jumbo & jumbo mortgage programs we offer require superior credit and sufficient documented income for qualifying. Learn more by completing our quick quote form.

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